Friday, October 22, 2004

Poncho Universe & Knitters from UK

Been busy knitting in poncho universe. I find when tired and sore that these at least make mindless knitting. I have promised myself to work on this for entire weekend. Am about 1/3 done with the current size small adult one, so am hoping with diligent work I can get it done. Am looking forward to finishing it and delivering it for use.
I have decided to master kitchener once and for all and yesterday knit sample in round so I can do it. I did it in worsted weight for practice. Once I get the technique down, it should be just fine to switch to small needles and sock yarn. At least scrap yarns are good for something.
I also am getting rid of a bunch of red heart yarn. A good size box will be going to the center on aging in Athens. Will be sending fabric their way also as soon as I get it sorted. I need to make headway in this pile or will never get to use my craft room.
Mittens and gloves for the kids will be on needles next week. Until then it is pink ponchos and some baking this weekend.
I won my ebay auction for Knitters magazine. It has a georgous sweater pattern in it that I really would like to make for myself. I saw it being worked on by Laura. She is making it for her mother and I just wish I could adopt her. The advantage of being able to knit is I can do it myself. I also have seen a beautiful knitted dress on back cover of Hot Knits. The girl would look great in it and would sure love it. I am going to think about that one after first of year also. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! That list just keeps getting longer. Well, off to do some knitting.


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