Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fall Festival

Didn't do much knitting today. Today is the day of our annual Fall Festival. We so look forward to going every year. Lots of crafts, food and also a few animals.
No knitting there, but one booth of crocheted ponchos and afghans. I went by the 4-H animal area. Very small but there is usually a sheep or two. This year a sweet pair, freshly shorn and soft of course. I love petting them and they were very lovable and enjoyed it. I am thinking of getting a couple for myself sometime. I've seen pics of some Miniature Babydoll sheep that are adorable. They have little koala like faces and at maximum height of knee high seems good to me. Their wool is graded from Good to Fine so am thinking about it. But as a reare breed are costly. Will see. Who knows what I might do.
Ate too much at festival as usual. Food is so good there and no sense on being on a diet. Oh well, plenty to do tomorrow. Baking, cooking, laundry. It never ends. At least I can get in a little knitting time, or so I hope.


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