Monday, November 01, 2004

Cottage Socks

Well guys I am back. I had a wonderful and relaxing visit with my aunt. Hi Auntie. Really good food and learned a new recipe. Yum!
ground beef, rice, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, tomato juice, mix well, roll in cabbage leaf. Place in baking dish -- one layer deep, cover with chopped tomatoes and piecis of fresh bacon. Cover with foil and bake till bacon is crisp. (Check after 30 minutes in oven and make sure there is enough moisture in pan, if not add a bit of tomatoe juice to keep moist.) Baking time is about hour to hour and half depending on size of rolls.
Auntie is a good cook and I love learning new things from her.
I also revamped my 'Cottage Socks'. The ones I am designing. I really love how it is coming out now and have posted a pic of them. The colors are wonderful and I will be glad to share these once I get them finished. Amn enjoying the pattern and want to work on nothing else. I hope that is a good sign of success. Is in my book. Can't wait to get down to where I start putting in the door.


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