Thursday, November 04, 2004

Marine coming home

Wash bedroom linens --- check
Grocery shopping --- check
Vaccuum unused bedroom ---- check
Make fudge --- in progress

My son is coming home! I am so excited. My son is coming home! I can hardly believe it. My son is coming home! He has actually been released from the Marines. My son is coming home!
Do I sound excited. My son is coming home!
Dear son went to check on his paperwork today and they told him, we are closing for weekend, lets release you now. Give me your id, etc., etc., and in just a few minutes he was done. No prior notice to arrange to go anywhere or anything. But at least he is coming home and won't have to go back. He is staying with a friend tonight and then off to stay with friend in San Diego for a bit.
His buddy is San Diego is being released on a medical discharge. He is partially paralyzed and his wife is 7 mths pregnant so he is going to help them move home before he comes home. I am glad he is helping them, but will be even happier when he gets here.
Now my only real issue is I don't have much time to knit. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I want to do it all. But there isn't a better reason for lack of knit time.
I will be going off for weekend. Dear hubby and I are going off for weekend. We had to cancel our trip on our anniversary way back in Feb to Asheville, NC due to blizzard, so we are going now. If I don't get in over weekend, rest assured I will be back first of week.
Oh and did I mention my son is coming home!


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