Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Devon's hat.

Am so tired this evening. Miss my dear hubby. He had to travel for a business trip, but will be home this weekend. In meantime, son and daughter are coming over so nice to see them.
I went to Knit-In after work today. Am almost done with Devon's hat. Really love how the color is turning out, but am thinking it is too big. I have enlarged it so many times, would be funny if it was too big now. Will have to check it against Lacee's and see how much I may have messed it up. Other thing is, do you put pom-pom on top of boys stocking cap. It is a little guy (age 2) but I am leaving it big enough he has room to grow, so should I or not. I am leaning towards not and then I can always add one if his mom this I should.
Have to go to work tomorrow morning early, so going to go to bed. Looks like a little problem is going to get straightened out. I am glad they are finally going to give me the training I've been asking for all year rather than just give me grief over the mistakes. I would rather learn to do it right in the first place. And wanted to since first of year. Well, now I need to get some sleep so I can get up in am. 4 comes awful early.


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