Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hat and Asheville Food

Camera betteries are dead. Wish I had realized it last night. I could of charged them and not had any troubles. I started one of my nephews hats last night. Lighter blue with a couple darker blue lines in it. I need to complete it today and at least start on the next hat if I want to even think I might get them done in time. I figure if I do all the hats first it won't be so drastic if I don't get all the mittens done. And if I am working on the last mitten or so when they get here they finish quickly in Worsted weight yarn. Again I am using Bernat Denim. I really like the feel of this cotton and it is not like they need protection from the snow really. Down in Florida they probably wouldn't wear woollies for anything.
I did get a bit of shopping in while in Asheville last weekend. Mast general store had those candies I think my aunt was looking for. Cinnamon Chews, coin shaped candies that her dad used to get for her and my mom when he babysat. After all, what else would they learn to play poker with. I also found a similar cherry candy. And a few other things I was surprised to see, but didn't get.
I bought an Irish cookbook. I love cookbooks. and the ethnic or little area cookbooks usually have some great recipes. There are several in here I want to try. We ate dinner one night at The Green Man, I think it actually has another name but we call it that for good reason and anyone who has been there would know what we meant. It is a microbrewery pub done all in an Irish style and with Irish food. YUMM! We usually go there at least once when there and also to Moose Cafe right in front of the Farmers Market. They do breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast can't be beat and their lunch is pretty good too. You won't be disappointed, just make sure you go with an appetite cause they serve portions even Texas would be proud of.
Well, camera batteries are charging so hopefully I will be able to get picture of hat later today and post it. If not, them I will tomorrow morning for sure.


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