Friday, November 19, 2004

Long week

Why is it that no store in this town carries basic Khaki pants for under $25. Now I know it is harder to find specific pants when you are a plus size, but this is getting old. Almost every retail place has a dress code of Khaki pants and some shirt or other. I finally found some at Goody's (have been hunting all week) at 29.99. Now that may be ok for some but I can't afford those prices. Seems ridiculous to pay that much. When you only make a small wage you can only afford small prices. Walmart used to carry Khaki jeans that I just loved and they really were comfortable and lasted well. No more. I haven't seen khaki womens pants in there in over a year. Seems strange when you consider that their dress code requires their employees to wear Khaki pants too. Oh well, guess I can't have it all (or in this case anything).
I have spent most of week shopping for pants with no success, I again ripped out Devon's hat. I had it all but closed at top and then after some comparison I found it to be too big, so over again. I must of knit this little hat aboout 5 times now. It should be right this time though. I certainly hope so. Haven't done much else. I need to get up in am and clean around here. It needs to be all done. I haven't quite finished with the things on desk, but will figure something out. J has been leaving her food and stuff lay all week when she comes home during day. I am going to have to get on to her for that. She is old enough to know better around here. I may be her mother but at her age, she shouldn't need a maid or someone to hold her hand.
Well, off my soapbox and on to some knitting. I got about about 4 more inches done on poncho. Was going to take pic but camera is not available. It got borrowed by the girl for something. It will be here tomorrow so should get some over weekend. In meantime, just keep knitting.


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