Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Catch up

I have been slack in writing. So much has been going on and it is hard to keep up.
It has been asked and I have agreed and Bill is moved back home. We are going to a new marriage counselor -- for various reasons. We liked the old one, but there are other reasons for going to the new one. We still will have a lot of things to work on and will for some time.
I went to my old knitting group at Panera Bread last night. Enjoyed seeing everybody and talking.
Also went last week to knit at Main Street Yarns downtown. Nice and relaxing. Was good for me to get out. I am starting to be able to get out and do a few things for me more and that is good. It has been hard to get out and enjoy things as I like and want to. But I digress.
Been working with my MIL Joyce and helping her to learn to quilt. She is having a good time. I have mostly just been encouraging, she is doing great. I think she is mostly just worried, but it will be fine. She knows the basics of sewing and measuring and has had many experiences with different crafting things so I am sure this will be just fine.
I have also been knitting and been picking up my spinning again. I am enjoying that. Was a long time before I picked that up. Only this past mth, so 8 mths. It will be a long road to haul before over. Will work it out. Have to learn to enjoy life. Had enough of the rest and nothing but good stuff from now on.