Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Doors and a Fireplace

I have finished painting my blue Door and window for my Greek box. I mix my own color. It turned out pretty good. I think I got the color right. I still have to put a couple coats of a satin varnish on it. I painted the places in the back of the box where they will be placed blue so that it won't show between the frame and such.
I started working on the fireplace for the Christmas box. I will be putting the bricks in the firebox next. I plan on using paperclay for this. I think it is coming along nice. I really like how the floors look after the 2 coats of Satin varnish.
While I have the paperclay out I may try to make a piece of Greek pottery out of it. If it turns out good I will probably use it, if not, then I will probably use polyclay. All in all, my projects are coming along very nicely.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lobsters Flowers and Dishes

I was given some wonderful flowers and serving bowls for my miniatures by a friend I work with. She made the flowers herself and they are wonderful. I am amazed at the incredible detail that is in them. The bowls she had sitting around and so she brought them to me when she discovered I was playing with some miniatures. She also gave me 2 teasets, One a floral china and one that is like red cabbabe. Both are very nice. They might be a little big for 1/12 scale, but I may stick them in a cabinet somewhere anyway.
I found some cocktail picks with cute little lobsters on the end that were just perfect. I trimmed them off and now have my MIL's favorite dinner. She doesn't have a mini appetite when these are around though. Will have to serve them up soon.

Greece Scene

I have started working on my Greece scene. It will also be in a cheesebox like my Christmas scene. It will be the front of a house in Greece. Basically an old door and window, like on the Islands. Was so pretty there. So I have been crafting a door and window which will be painted blue and the walls will be white stucco plaster. I plan on some Grecian pottery and whatnot and maybe a cat or two. They sure were running around everywhere. So I've included a few pictures of the window and door that I have started.

Cheesebox Rooms

I've been working on my rooms some more. Slowly I know, but I do have more pictures to share. On my Christmas scene I have the flooring done. I used Folkart Oak stain and then Old English Dark on top of that. I really like the color. I Have it glued in now. Glue is drying. Once it is dry, I will probably use a semi-gloss sealer on it. I have started on fireplace. Am making my fireplace out of a picture frame I picked up at Goodwill and paperclay.