Saturday, April 29, 2006

Knitting socks

Have cast on and started a new pair of socks. Wildfoot colorway SY-200 Rhapsody -- Wonderful shades of Purple, magenta, green and blue. Using the pattern My Petticoat socks. I am thinkin gof these for my DD, but she doesn't like wool (she has the same overly hot feet my sons have, so I may get to keep them) I bought a similiar colorway in acrylic/cotton blend to use for her so if she likes may make them for her. Will take a picture as soon as I get just a little bit further along than the top edge. I had to frog twice as I kept getting count messed up. let it be know, I can't text message and count at same time.
I also joined the SIX SOX KAL group at yahoo. I am looking forward to this and think I migh tuse the cotton blend for the current pattern for hers. They should work up quick and be a nice pressie for when she comes home in August (Sure wish it was sooner).
Also bought some Lorna's Laces a few weeks back for me as a special treat. Is a very nice yarn and I have really wanted to try it. Got a rather muted brown tones colorway called Jungle, but works. Will see what pattern they want to be.
We are tearing out walls and redoing her room. Bill, Billy, and and BIL tore out everything that had to come out last night. We have new sheetrock to go up and then will get some one to do the finishing work and paint. It will be nice to have it finished and I will be able to get her all situated before she comes home. I want to put new furniture in there and will put the old in other room off garage. Not great beds, but extra for when we need them.
They did more surgery on foot, so am still wearing surgical boot --- for probably next month anyway. Will see how that goes.

Monday, April 10, 2006

On my feet

Well, looks like I am finally back on my feet. I knew how sick I was but when you start feeling better you really begin to realize it. I had Scarlet fever and have been sick for last 2 weeks. Nice large doses of antibiotics and plenty of fluids and rest and am starting to feel much better.
Jean's allergic reaction to unknown from Hiroshima is finally clearing up.
Bought some new yarn to knit with -- Lornas Laces Fingering weight -- color Safari. Going to cast on socks with them as next project.
Been bike riding today on new bicycle. Close to 4 miles. Really enjoyed it. I need to remember to take water bottle next time. I didn't think we were going to be on as long a ride so didn't worry about it.
Bill and I also went walking this weekend. Over a mile, was a good walk. Keeping up my workouts and I will have my back built back up in no time.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jean Not going to South Korea

Jean has decided to not go to South Korea for nest year as a student. Guess it was wiehging the pros and cons that finally made the decision. She knew it, she just had to talk them out. She isn't getting released from Japan till ater August 1st. She would have to be in Korea before the 15th. Means no time to come home and she would have to pack and ferry all her stuff n=to new university vs selling and rebuying after two weeks. Also because of the short time froma and inability to come home she would not be able to walk through her paper work for her honors scholorship for this upcoming year and would lose it. Big lose and she really needs it. Would her her now and badly later to have lost it as she is appyling to law school. Also by attending in South Korea it would put her a year behind in her studies and that would make it difficult for her. If that were the only thing she wants it bad enough to do it and would. I think I agree. I t would look good later to do so be able to have the two years of studying abroad and it doesn't come to everyone.
I finally picked up the stitches on collar of sweater on Thursday night so may take pic and show work in progress. I really need to. Haven't any Knitting content in so long it seems like I have forgotten how. Sweater goal -- finish this weekend and then I plan on starting these socks. Am planng on for me. Will see. Is brown tones which would be good for a man pair, but I don't think Bill would ever wear a pair of handknit socks, if he only knew how many men have said that and then promptly forgot that as they discovered the extreme comfort and pleasure you can get from handknit socks. They are far more comfy that any others I have ever wore. I also want to do some sock footies for this summer for me.
Pic of sweater in progress later today. And maybe a new one of Jean that she sent.
Oh and if you haven't checked out "The Penopticon" It is a great knitting blog with the best cartoons and you will love it!!!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knitting GTG's & Jean in Japan

I really wish I could of joined some of my friends in their gtg north of the border. Sure sounds like they had a good time. I really do miss having seen them and really treasure their friendship. Thinking of you guys the whole time and hope you all had a wonderful time!!!!!!
I also hate missing the one in Montana. Just not going to be possible for me. I know Auntie wishes she could go too. I am planning on going and spending that weekend at least with Auntie and at least we can have some fun and knit together and talk to everyone at same time. Sort of a back-up to them.
Jean seems to be having a good time in Japan lately. We have heard from her a lot. She first had a bicycle accident and injured her foot. This has been about 4 weeks ago and still hurting. She couldn't walk on it for about a week and refused to get it x-rayed. Oh well, I am too far away to make her.
She has been on a 3 week long spring break and doing some traveling. First to Okinawa, Then Hiroshima, then to South Korea. Okinawa was nice and she went snorkeling there. She was going to go scuba diving but discovered she had a fear of strapping on a 50 lb tank and sinking to bottom of ocean so snorkeled instead. She said it was very cool and really enjoyed it. In Hiroshima she got a bad allergic rash to something on her hands and they don't know to what. The dr's are treating it and it is finaly just starting to clear up after about 2 weeks. South Korea was awesome she says. She went into the DMZ to see what it was like. Kind of strange. Also ate lots of spicy foods. I am glad she had a good time. Guess she will be hitting the books again soon enough.
The University here has called her and offered her another year overseas as an exchange student. This time in South Korea. I think she really wants to go. I was talking to her other day and there will be a big financial layout and it will put her a year behind in her studies. That is two things that are important to consider. She has worked hard. I know with Japan it will have helped her alot as Japanese Languages and Literature is one of her majors, but with the double major it makes it harder. She really wants that double major in English.
I also am taking a look at going back to school. It may mean I have to go part time at work, but with them cutting my hours half the year anyway, I don't see what a big deal it will be. I really need to lay out all my choices and options and really decide what I want to go after. And also where will depend on where we end up at end of this year with Bill and I. Moving or whatever. We know we aren't staying in this house so it rather depends on where we go, where I go to school or what.