Monday, April 10, 2006

On my feet

Well, looks like I am finally back on my feet. I knew how sick I was but when you start feeling better you really begin to realize it. I had Scarlet fever and have been sick for last 2 weeks. Nice large doses of antibiotics and plenty of fluids and rest and am starting to feel much better.
Jean's allergic reaction to unknown from Hiroshima is finally clearing up.
Bought some new yarn to knit with -- Lornas Laces Fingering weight -- color Safari. Going to cast on socks with them as next project.
Been bike riding today on new bicycle. Close to 4 miles. Really enjoyed it. I need to remember to take water bottle next time. I didn't think we were going to be on as long a ride so didn't worry about it.
Bill and I also went walking this weekend. Over a mile, was a good walk. Keeping up my workouts and I will have my back built back up in no time.


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