Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knitting GTG's & Jean in Japan

I really wish I could of joined some of my friends in their gtg north of the border. Sure sounds like they had a good time. I really do miss having seen them and really treasure their friendship. Thinking of you guys the whole time and hope you all had a wonderful time!!!!!!
I also hate missing the one in Montana. Just not going to be possible for me. I know Auntie wishes she could go too. I am planning on going and spending that weekend at least with Auntie and at least we can have some fun and knit together and talk to everyone at same time. Sort of a back-up to them.
Jean seems to be having a good time in Japan lately. We have heard from her a lot. She first had a bicycle accident and injured her foot. This has been about 4 weeks ago and still hurting. She couldn't walk on it for about a week and refused to get it x-rayed. Oh well, I am too far away to make her.
She has been on a 3 week long spring break and doing some traveling. First to Okinawa, Then Hiroshima, then to South Korea. Okinawa was nice and she went snorkeling there. She was going to go scuba diving but discovered she had a fear of strapping on a 50 lb tank and sinking to bottom of ocean so snorkeled instead. She said it was very cool and really enjoyed it. In Hiroshima she got a bad allergic rash to something on her hands and they don't know to what. The dr's are treating it and it is finaly just starting to clear up after about 2 weeks. South Korea was awesome she says. She went into the DMZ to see what it was like. Kind of strange. Also ate lots of spicy foods. I am glad she had a good time. Guess she will be hitting the books again soon enough.
The University here has called her and offered her another year overseas as an exchange student. This time in South Korea. I think she really wants to go. I was talking to her other day and there will be a big financial layout and it will put her a year behind in her studies. That is two things that are important to consider. She has worked hard. I know with Japan it will have helped her alot as Japanese Languages and Literature is one of her majors, but with the double major it makes it harder. She really wants that double major in English.
I also am taking a look at going back to school. It may mean I have to go part time at work, but with them cutting my hours half the year anyway, I don't see what a big deal it will be. I really need to lay out all my choices and options and really decide what I want to go after. And also where will depend on where we end up at end of this year with Bill and I. Moving or whatever. We know we aren't staying in this house so it rather depends on where we go, where I go to school or what.


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