Friday, March 03, 2006

Home and well

Well Back Procedure Went fairly well. They ended up working on 6 nerves rather than 2. Mostly because when they got in thee they discovered a big mess. Under the new x-ray equipment that they have they discovered that I have a series of old spinal fractures -- 7 actually in lower part of spine. At least that's how many she is sure of. Part is so fused together we will never know.
I have often wondered about the back manipulation my mother did to me as a toddler a small child -- 40+ yrs ago --- her and my grandmother argued and fought about it. Back when back manipulation was first becoming a thing and finding that it helped and strengthened the back of adults in this country. She truly believed she was strengthening mine for the future. Only a kid still in diapers back is not developed or strong enough to bear the weight of an adults knee pushing on there spine like that. It looks like this may be the result. It is another gift of hers in my life.
Anyway, the procedure has helped alot. The pain levels are down. I am a bit tender muscularly. I think just wore out. They also gave me a back brace to wear for additional support and it really does feel good.
On the knitting front. Almost done with the last sleeve of this baby sweater. Hope to get it done this weekend. Picture soon. I want to finish it as I want to start something for me. Be nice.


Blogger A'tuin said...

I'm so glad to hear that the pain is almost gone. Let us know when you'll be back to the Knit in.


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