Monday, December 12, 2005

Jean's Earthquake

On Thursday of last week my dear daughter e-mailed me from Japan that she had had an earthquake, but that she had slept throught it. I e-mailed back. How bad was it. she says, no big deal. I didn't think anything more of it, thinking if she slept through it, can't have been that bad and after all they are used to getting shakes there and if it was big she wouldn't of slept through it and she would of told me. Wrong. This weekend I checked on it. 7.0 according to the reports. I was shocked. I asked her about it, she said, yeah, well everybody else woke up, it was only her that slept through it. Well, glad she is alright, but she better let me know the truth next time. Besides, after it's over and she is letting me know, at least I know she is ok. Thing is, you know how you always say so and so could sleep through a train coming through or a tornado or an earthquake -- well, now we have proof.
Anyway. her birthday was week of Thanksgiving and I just got this picture of her with the flowers her father sent so am posting. She really looks like she enjoyed them.


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