Saturday, November 19, 2005

This Week

Spinal Procedure this week seems to have went well. Epidural thing or what ever it is called. Bit of pressure on the nerves but is supposed to relieve pressure on the discs in back. Am really hoping for some relief and healing. Will see. Only time will truly tell. Is definitely better than it ever was when I first started going there.
Should finish up at least one baby sweater this weekend and probably another if not this weekend then this week. Will be good as my Christmas stuff is in need of quick completion and I need to get a move on.
My foot pedal has finally come in for my sewing machine and I am excited to be going to pick it up today. I really want to get some things sewn up as Christmas gifts and have a few things for kids to finish up. I hope they aren't disappointed from me. I am counting my paychecks before Christmas so I can see what I can do.
I don't want to give away any secrets so am going to be quiet. I am not sure if at least Jean is checking out my blog.
Well, another week and going to take it easy this weekend. Don't want to overdo on my back and undo all the work being done for it. Am going to see a movie with son today. Will be nice. I do need to get out. I kind of want to go to pool, but am leary of overdoing it. Maybe I should wait till next week. I did go for a bit Friday, but only paddled a bit as I was already hurting a lot and didn't want to overdo then either. Feeling better this morning though so that is a good sign.


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