Saturday, August 20, 2005

Christmas Knitting

Well, I finished one of my Christmas presents. But am not going to say who it is for. I am afraid they might say who it is for and they do at times pop in here and take a look around. It is night with Lionbrand Moonlight Mohair and then Paton's Brilliant held together. I can't remember the colors off hand. Will havve to look them up. Came out real nice and I think will be a nice addition for a dressy scarf for working in office or going someplace out. Or heck with that, they are special, they can just deserve to look fantastic every day!
Just drinking a cup of morning coffee before I head out to begin some morning chores. I prefer to get my outside work done in the morning before it gets too hot. This temps in upper 90's with all the humidity is hard to take. No dry spell this year, thunderstorms every couple days and it really is keeping the humidity up. Not near as bad as when we lived in Florida though and I am glad not to have the mosquitos. Where we are we don't get the mosquitos and such so much. Up pn a hill not next to a water source and not so many trees either. Keeps mosquitos down. Neighbor has lots of trees and there are a few bats around which helps with any other bug population. Also we have some wonderful toads living in our gardens. Enjoyable critters. I have always enjoyed toads around. I am thinking I might put a few toad houses out for them. Sure won't hurt to encourage them a little. They are definitely a boost to keeping bugs down. Just don't want any snakes!


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