Friday, August 12, 2005

Jean's Car

Insurance company has finally talked to everybody and are taking care of everything. They are putting Jean in a rental car this afternoon for one week. They have sent someone to see her car and claimed it a total loss. We pretty much knew that. Jean just wants to get some cd's and a few other little things out of it that she forgot when her dad came to get her at the accident. I don't think we are going to get her another vehichcle befor she goes to Japan as it seems silly at this point to buy one to sit and pay insurance on for a year with no driver. In meantime we are working it out for a week between two of us and will continue to do so. Bill can start car shopping for her again when time for her to come home. That is what she is more worried about. It will work out I think. Her back and neck were sore for a few days but she is ok now so that is ok. I was worried about it but she seems fine now.
Bill booked her plane ticket away and I am going tto miss my baby. She leaves the 28th of September for Japan. I am going to miss her. A whole year away will be long time without her.


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