Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lots ahead for today

Lots to do today! Plan on getting some raking and stuff done this morning before it gets too hot. Big lot of overflow with the grass in a few areas. Usually it is not a problem but this uear all the rain and weather has created lots extra. The horses next door really enjoy and the neighbors next doors say I am more than welcome to toss it in to them so in it goes. they eat it right up.
I need to pick the apple tree too. It is really a mess. I hadn't sprayed it and pretty much ignored it. After 13 years I really felt like it was going no where and actually thinkin gof getting rid of it. It was supposed to bear after 7 seven years. We originally bought two but one died after 2nd year. you are supposed to have two in order for them to bear. ayway it is bearing this year in abundance but it is full of bugs and rot. So a thorough picking is in order and disposal, then a spraying. Next year, a proper pruning and I may have a decent crop.
That and my regular mundane household stuff around here. Grocery shopping and cleaning and all the other details that go along with everything else. Chris came and picked up his hat. I was real glad, however, while it is wearable, unless he shaves his head, it doesn't really fit him. I made it about 4 inches bigger around than my head and he probably needs at least another 2 or 3 inches. I also made it extra long like a stocking cap and it barely covers, so he asked for one longer, about another 2 or 3 inches. So off to hunt around in my yarn for what I might have and see what will work for another one. Anyway, yard work waiting. and weed eating too as if I don't get it done early it is supposed to storm rest of weekend.


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