Thursday, August 04, 2005

this old house and knit in notes

Knit In on Monday was quiet but fun. Brandy and Chris brought the baby. I finished my son's hatthen worked on sleeves for the Harry Potter sweater. The hat is waiting for him to come pick it up. Hope he does and Lauren's sunglasses are still here. I think they are Lauren's anyway. If not they could be my sister in law's, I will have to check.
Things have been real busy around here. lots of stuff getting done around house. Seems like all the light fixtures have taken this week to decide to be non repairable and have to be replaced. Bill replaced the kitchen overhead. I like the new one. We had a temporary fixture in our bedroom that we never replaced so we are looking into a couple lamps for our bedroom. It broke and is completely shot. Not much of a light anyway and really was just a 99 cent fixture hanging on a nail so no great loss. We never got around to replacing it as we hadn't gotten around to redoing that room in our house yet. About the only room not really done yet, and having to finish off the closet in our room. But we also need to redo Jean's room again where the walls have cracked and such from us not doing it right or what ever. Well live and learn. I got to admit, sometimes a bit of this old house does get to me once in a while.


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