Saturday, August 13, 2005

Car pics

I am going this morning to go get pics of Jean's car. We have to clean it out and this morning is the only time she will really have time to do so. The insurance company has finally gotten back to her hand made her a reasonable offer so we have to make sure to get everything out of it and get the tags off it. I also have to go to bank andher title so we can get that copied for her. The insurance company needs that before they will pay her and we don't want anything held up right now. They also authorized her a rental car. It is supposed to be canceled on same day as payout of her car but they authorized a full week since it got held up due to the issues and hassles with them and their client. But all is going through now. I am just glad that she is finally not fighting it and all, we really can't afford the hassle and delays with it especially since Jean is leaving for Japan in a few weeks.
I am going to request the day off work when she leaves. I know there isn't much I can do, but I definitely want to see her off and all. I will miss her tons.
Well, when I get a pic of Jeans car I will post it. I am just glad that her car took car of her. Anytime you walk away from a wreck that is a total loss with as little as she did it is good. She has a few scrapes and bruises on her arms and was sore for a few days but other than that she has done real well. I think her car took car of her and that is all I care about. Thank God for taking care of my baby and Thank God for for the designers and engineers know how who helped!


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