Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Year

It is a New Year and a lot has been happening in my life. First I went and spent my birthday at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dave's. They were wonderful. I think it was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I really had a wonderful day and an entire wonderful weekend.
Bill decided he wanted to work on our marriage and that he was serious about it. He ended his affair. I am sure of this. I do at times have issues and my own insecurities to deal with and we will have to work through this. But we it seems we are doing this together. We have done a lot of talking a really worked through a lot of things already it seems like. I am really glad to have him finally willing to work on the issues between us after all these years. I have wanted him to for so long. Enough said.
Jean came home on 26th of December from Japan. So we all waited and celebrated the holidays together with her. Am so glad. We really enjoyed having her home. Was really good of her me-maw to buy a ticket for her to come home for the holidays. She had to go back on the 7th. I miss her much. But know she is where she want to be and is doing well and getting on with her life. I am glad for her.


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