Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy Week.

I feel like I am finally getting some knitting done. I had some minor foot surgery done on Friday. A large cyst taken off the top of my foot. I haven't been allowed to do anything but sit with it elevated, so what better excuse to knit and knit and knit. I have four finished projects. Granted, all of them need minor amounts of work to finish up, but I am glad to have them finished. four pair of socks finished. Two pair shown at left are two older pair that need to be darned. I finally tackled that. I had never done it before and while I knew how in theory, I kept putting it off.

I have another two pair completed. One in Wildefoote, color Rhapsody in the Petticoat Socks pattern. That pair is for me. The other pair is a small toddlers size sock and owner is as yet to be determined. I have cast on another new pair for me today in a Regia jacquard. Will be a plain knit which should go pretty fast. Bill even asked for socks tonight. I was surprised as he always said he wouldn't wear them before. Will have to see when I make them.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I really don't think anyone reads my blog. Not that it matters. I only write periodically for myself because I wish to. I like keeping up with things and a few friends. I read several friends blogs and while I seldom leave comments I have been reading their blogs for several years and they generally know it. There are also other blogs I read, but if all the readers left comments on some blogs, such as the Harlots for example or Mason-Dixon. then they would spend way too much time reading the comments and not have anytime for knitting.
I would like to think someone found my blog and enjoyed my knitting or something to say so. I would write more often and probably make a better attempt at it as well. I can write better, but the dry mundane mess of words as they reach the the white background will only require so much effort when I find there is no one to which there would be any appeal.
Bill has been gone to Pennsylvania for over a week. He will be home Tuesday. My sister was here with her kids all this past week. I really enjoyed their visit. I was able to take off work on Thursday and Friday to be with them. Not much new. Will finish sock this week, all that is left is to kitchener last toe.
Classes start tomorrow for new quarter. I will be busy.