Thursday, September 30, 2004

When DH is an angel

Some days you just get so mad at your husband you don't know what to do, then they do something totally unexpected and melt your heart. Just like a little kid or something. I remember when my kids would do that, you have to try hard not to laugh and many times I have scooped them up and just given them a big hug. Anyway, to make it short, I came home from work today and my dear husband had cleaned kitchen done my laundry (correctly) and put dinner on grill right as I came in. In was so nice to be able to just relax for a few minutes after a long day.
I had worked 12 hours today and was really tired. He usually has martial arts on Thursday and so I don't cook anyway. Nice to come home to a hot meal though.
My ponchos are starting to get monotonous. I am finishing 4th one today! I insist upon it. Am going to start a felted bag for myself or maybe DD, depends how it turns out. I haven't done felting before, but the process is pretty simple.
I also bought yarn while visiting my aunt for a baby sweater and for the DNA scarf. I really want to try that and think it will make a nice pressie for either of my boys for Christmas. Nice and masculine and not boring. Having seen the one my friend Liz has been doing has encouraged me to bring it to the forefront of my list.
Am off work tomorrow so I will take pics of my new yarn and planned projects and see how it goes. Have also decided to do my 3 nephews and niece some mittens and hats and maybe scarfs for Thanksgiving when they come. I am hoping to take them to see snow. Being from Florida they have never seen it. It is a surprise though, so If you are reading this sis, then don't tell them. That way if I get behind, no ones feelings will get hurt.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Home Again

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig.
Well, am home, am tired. Need bed.
Just wanted to say I had wonderful weekend with Auntie N and hope she did too. For me it was utter relaxation. I hope she got to relax some too.
Will post about my yarn purchases and trip(s) to the frog pond. I wonder if she is hiding one in her back yard and I keep tripping into it unknowingly.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Visiting Family

Arrived at my Aunts today. I really enjoy being able to get to see her as often as I do. It is a couple hours away and we usually get to steal away and get a bit of us time and of course we knit. It is really great to knit with family members and she has been so supportive of my beginning efforts. YIPPEE!
Waiting to see about hurricane Jeanne. My sis J may come up from Florida with her 4 kids and try to escape the mess down there. Will try and take a pic or two and post when I get home.
Short note, but not much except driving going on today. We are off to find new yarn stores and see what we can get into tomorrow. Oh and checking if I might of won the $110 million powerball lottery with ticket I picked up in South Carolina.Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Beach Sunset across the dunes. Posted by Hello

Busy, Busy, Busy

Seems like I have been busy every minute.
Up at 5 am, work by 6, get off at 2:30 normally (been working longer days this week), errands, home, cook dinner, knit, clean kitchen, knit while I watch MASH (old show, but I love it), then bed at 12 to 1 am.
Whew! wears me out just reading it and I live it. But seriously. I don't sleep much during week, just form of insomnia I guess. During weekends I get a bit more sleeping in. Good thing too or I would be really whooshed out.
Have finished 3 of 7 ponchos. The first 4 are the smallest, but the bigger ones aren't in such a hurry. Glad, but pink is getting boring. I may have to do something else in between for a bit of break up of color. I have a new poncho pattern that is for babies, cabled and really sweet. I think maybe a bright color for fun, or something.
I graduated my LAST physical therapy class yesterday. WHOOPEE! Really messes up my schedule to add something new to it. I have everything I need here to keep doing the exercises and they said when I asked that it would be a good idea. Want to keep from having those back problems again adn it will help if I can keep the strength up in other muscles and use them more.
Think I will do a pair of little baby socks. I have small bit of blue jeans regia left and they would make adorable baby socks. Will put them away for future grand. Not that I expect any soon, but will hope to someday. If not, then I can share with other family members babies.
Going to post a pic of sunset from this summer. Bill and I took weekend away and caught a beautiful sunset off the beach. Need some rest tonight. Going in to work early tomorrow and then driving to Aunt N's for weekend.
TA-TA folks.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Busy Day today. Mowed lawn. Cleaned up tree limbs from where "Ivan" left his mess as he blew through here. Grocery shopping and now a party to go to tonight. I took pics of the 2 finished ponchos and am going to try and post them. Hopefully I will get a bit more knitting time tomorrow. In the meantime. I hope I can remember how to post these.

Ponchos for Lacee and Grace. Hope they like them. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Natures Song.

Storm Ivan has inspired a small poem with a little encouragement from a friend.

Trees dancing like natives
Wind creating a melody
A constant beat of rain
The lyrics of my needles
As I try to keep time to natures song

Does seam that way. Several tornados. One touched down mile or so from here but it was in an unpopulated area, so all safe. One supposedly in downtown Athens, haven't confirmed so will wait and see. Guess I ought to call my daughter at university and make sure she is fine.
Will be keeping busy and quiet. May just take a nap and go to bed early.
Have cancelled my trip to visit my aunt. Not a good idea to be driving through it all after it leaves here. Once is enough and I don't need to be a glutton for punishment. Well, off to make dinner and eat in case power goes out. Don't need to wait till too late.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just Rambles

Wonder how I like this font. Will try it and see. My favorite for most things is Comic Sans, but don't have that here.
Had long day at work today. Didn't get off till 10:30 pm. Considering I usually work 6 am to 2 pm, was wore out. Have to be back in tomorrow at 6 am though. Weather permitting that is.
They have already closed schools around area tomorrow. I think they are a bit ahead of themselves but am glad to see them err on side of safety, especially with our communities children. Hurricane Ivan is sure a doosy and really glad I don't live in coastal area. 300 miles inland and we are still going to get a big wallop from it. All I can do is pray for those who are close to it. Cast on for another poncho for one of my co-workers children. I have orders for 5 already. Was surprised, but they are cute and I enjoy doing they. Big needles do make it go fast. The Caron Simply Soft is good yarn for this. Very soft, easy wearing and washable. Besides, why use expensive fancy yarns for something that will be out of style next week.
Am tired so going to call it a night. Will see if I can't get pics up tomorrow evening. Now that I got everything working again.

Computer Woes

I have been trying to get in here to type for days. On my own computer I can get in and type the title and nothing else. I am currently using my husbands computer to get in. We have isoloated it to a virus and are wrorking on repair. Hoping it works or he is going to reformat and clear itall off. I sure hope it works.
On a knitting front I have been getting lots of knitting done. I have completed 2 ponchos. One is in mint green and another in pink. I didn't like my original pattern so looked around till I found another. I am using the Joanna's Ponco pattern at
It works up adorable and I have been adjusting number of stitches for different sizes. Done a size 2 and size 5. I am going for a size 8 next. Also have a couple kids who want a size 16 (childrens) or adult small.
Dr appt went very good this week. Cholesterol, Triglycerides, lipids all down in normal range. Also my iron and hemoglobin are back up to normal range. After all the trouble I had with tumors last year and the bleeding it sure took a long time. Back is doing good, but the hip not so well. We will see how progress continues after that. I have one more appt for therapy on Thursday. Last one. Meantime taking my meds, being good and keep knitting.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and it ends without hurricane Ivan in your path. I am most thankful (Thankyou my dear and gracious Lord) that it isn't hitting my sisters again. hurricane Charley and then Frances did enough and Florida is already devastated.
till tomorrow, Patti.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Starting Poncho

Tired this evening and need to get some sleep. I have to go into work early in morning --- 5 o'clock early. I have committed myself to getting the ribbing for neck edge on poncho for my niece Gracie. Her mother decided a sweater would be neat rather than a sweater. Fine with me and rather than using a pattern I am just coming up with my own.
Using worsted weight yarn in White, Mint and Pink. I like it and should be a good combination for a 2 year old. I cast on 80 sts with circs and am doing in round. Want the neck to be a little loose. She will be wearing it over other clothes and don't want it to be constricting around neck at all. Will see how it goes. Can always frog if I need to.
Physical therapy went well today. Back pain is way down and exercises weren't too bad to do. Got done early and didn't even use ice. I hope this is the start of an uphill swing. Overall it is better, hope it keeps up that way.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Neverending Lists

Did absolutely no knitting or other crafting at all in last few days. Boy, I really need to get cracking on my 'list'. You know, that list that never ends of projects to get done. Seems like I never make headway and that it gets longer all the time.
I think I will work on poncho pattern tonight. I really want to get it done for my niece for 'our' birthday in December. It is worsted weight yarn in simple acrylic -- Caron's Simply Soft. Nice and soft for child and yet wears well for durability, just as important for a small child. She lives in Maine so will get good use out of it and at 2 yrs is a good way to get something on them on those slightly cool days or even inside during winter.
Tropical Storm Francis hit in night last night. Downed 3 trees, albeit small ones, and took several branches off a couple larger trees. Woke me up at 3:30 am with it's steady howling. I don't know how my sis's in Florida could sleep with all that wind going on. All is well though and they are fine. I'm definitely glad.
Everyone hears about the cute things little children do. My 5 yr old niece Lacee sat at window in front room during Hurricane and sang for half an hour, "Rain, Rain, go away, Little Lacee wants to play." Wish I could of seen that. I'm sure it was a hoot, especially with news report for it being played in background. Well, sun is out for them today so I hope she gets to 'play'.
Well, off to another neverending list -- household chores, ---- you know, laundry, dishes ....
See ya, Patti

Monday, September 06, 2004

Baby booties for co-worker Posted by Hello

Baby sweater for Genesis -- still needs to be blocked and buttons. Posted by Hello

Computer back.

Well, finally got my computer back and running. Sure glad to have it back. Still missing a few things and need to tweak it all back to the way I want it, but that is the little stuff. B had to wipe and restart everything, but was able to save all my bookmarks and important stuff. All back and saved so no problems. Sure am glad to have it back. We still have to get a new TV, but there is no real hurry for that.
J had surprise birthday party for her friend here last night. She cooked and cleaned up and everything. I was real pleased she did it. I gave scarf I knitted this week to L for birthday. She really liked and it was definitely in her colors.
I finished booties and except for blocking and buttons, baby sweater is done too. I will try to post pics. First time for posting pics so hope it works.
Long day at work tomorrow. Have large workload. Hope we get it all done.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Seems like all I do is worry lately. Hurricane Francis is fixing to hit my sisters again. Right after Hurricane Charley did his bit. S is staying at work and says, when you have already lost everything, it doesn't really matter as long as you stay safe. She has a point, but still makes me worry. T, her daughter has evacuated to Clermont. I hope she stays safe and sound. Will be glad to hear. J and her family are staying home for this one. I don't see it, but they want to stick it out. Even with Andrew a few years ago that got hit with a couple tornados and some flooding. Pretty rough then, but they were alright.
Cousins and all in Datona are going to get clobbered it looks like too. All I can do is worry. Well, worry makes for fast knitting. That and no tv or anything. I have completed scarf and sweater and starting another sweater. I may actually get this done in record time. Seems like little else to do.
B took J out to look at car. I hope they found something. She will definitely be glad to do her own driving and will be easier than me toting her everywhere. She rides bus when she can but it don't come home to do laundry or runn on Sundays. As fall gets here whe will work on Sundays again and need her transportation. We are putting in 1000, her 1000, and then she is going to finance the rest. B is co-signing. It will give her a chance to build up a little credit and be good for her. Plus this way we aren't giving it to her, she is really doing most of it.
Well, enough for now. Talk tomorrow. Patti

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

LIghtning Strikes

Long week this week. Monday we got hit by lightning --- twice. Definitely no fun. I am currently working off Bill's (husband's) work computer while mine is in Bill's shop for repairs. We had damage to two computers and Link switch and hub for dsl. Also our tv blew. And boy did it make a noise. I am just glad the thing didn't blow up.
On the bright side. Dear husband can do his magic on puters and tv was 18 years old anyway. It was still our main tv, but then we were talking about having it replaced. I'm told they come in color now and have something called a remote. LOL
Seriously, we had color and remote, but the picture quality and all has sure come a long way in the last few years.
On a knitting note. I have almost completed my baby sweater. Have all pieces done, just in process of sewing them all together. Add the collar and will be set to go.
I found a lovely red and white eyelash yarn in Hobby Lobby the other day so have completed a scarf for one of my co-workers for Christmas. It looks like peppermint candy to me. Yum. I paired it with Caron's Simply Soft in white and am real happy with it. I may have to try it with a red yarn also. Cast on 20 sts with size 11 needles. Works up quick and easy.
Had physical therapy today. Boy did they work me hard today. I got about 5 new additional exercises and I am pooped. My arms and legs and shoulders really ache. But at least it isn't my back. Will have to wait till my other puter is back up before I post a pic of it. All my software is connected to it and I really can't put it on Bill's computer. Too much stuff and he begins to get upset.
TaTa til later. Patti