Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where did the time go

I know there are song(s) with that name, but it is so true. I am going along thinking everything is great. Planning on keeping up. Going to post regular and WHAM! I have missed the entire month of September. Not literally. I was here. I was busy. Very busy. I had finals, vacation, new schedule, and have started new classes.
I did good on my last quarter. I got A's. My GPA is 3.76. Kind of funny really; my son and my daughter have the exact GPA as I do.
Anyway, I am taking Humanities 191 and Speech 191. I am really enjoying the Humanities class and I think the Speech class will be ok.
I finished knitting a hat last weekend and it disappeared before I could get a picture. My MIL took it and headed off. She really seamed to like it and I think she looked great in it.
Well off.