Saturday, June 28, 2008

Forever and forever

It has been so long since I posted you must think I have disappeared. I think I have disappeared and it isn't because of my weight. I could only hope. It has been so long since I posted I actually started a list of what I needed to keep in my little record of events and then lost my list. Suffice it to say, I have learned, If I want to say it, I had better get on hear and do it --- DUH!!!!
I have received A's on my classes. I have taken new classes (Leadership and )and received A's. Glad they are done. am taking summer quarter off.
Our house was broken into. They took a flat screen computer monitor, MP3 player, camera and a couple pieces of inexpensive jewelry. None of my good jewelry was taken and they didn't ransack the place or take any of the obvious stuff. We got off lucky and while we haven't replaced anything else, Bill did buy me a new camera. I love my new camera -- Kodak Z812. It is easy to use and gets much better quality pictures than the old one. Is really just the newer version of the old camera, but is so much better. We have redone locks and such adding a few extra safety features that should of been here years ago. So things are better and we should be fine.
Yes I have been knitting. Hats mostly, Mema, Billy, Chris, Lesa. Also still working on socks and now a pair of mittens. I am a slow knitter when going to school. No time between work and classes and homework. I also have been wanting to do some spinning which I never have time for so that leaves me stuck with admiring everyone else and just biding my time till I have time.
We buried my brother in Ohio first week of June. Put him next to mama in same grave as brother Randy. Best place for him really. Glad it is done.
Went to beach last week. Had a good time. I know Bill felt really bad being sick and all. but it was nice. Wish we had more time and maybe he wasn't sick. Next trip will be much better for him I am sure. He was so congested with his sinus infection. I think when he went swimming in salt water it might of helped. It is good for clearing the sinus. Even so, I just hope he had a good time. I did and will have to try the sangria again. It was very good and we both enjoyed it.