Friday, March 18, 2005

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Friends and Family

My friend Marilyn is visiting this weekend. Knitting and relaxing and just chatting and enjoying each others company. She arrived Thursaday and we spent half the night chatting and knitting. Friday we went to the yarn stores and played around here with our knitting. Yesterday we went through some patterns and to a knitting guild meeting. Also learned and played with some drop spindle. I tried to share a little bit of my basics and let her have fun. I think it will work for her just have to practice like any new craft or technique. Today we are making beading knitted stuff and some knitting and stuff too. Mostly just realaxing and enjoying the day.
See the picture of my DD with her new knitted bag. She really likes it and is using it lots. She has loaned the purse to her best friend Gabby. She definitely has tons of compliments and it is really lovely. I would like to do more. Will have to see how much time I have, seems like no end to uses and all for them.
The Sunday dinners we have started are turning out really nice. Everyone seems to like them. Turns out Bill was thinking of doing the same thing when I started them. Glad I did. I really enjoyed them and seeing my kids as they come. They have been pretty much coming every week. Guess a free meal is definitely appealing.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pictures explained

Or should I say pictures shared? I have posted several pics lately and little wordage. Time to catch up. I've been doing plenty of knitting lately and really enjoying it. Will sure hate not getting any done when I go back to work. Blue poncho finished. I need to get it up to person it is for. I am a bit slow with my delivery to her and it was a birthday present. Shame on me.
Many stitch markers. I have really enjoyed making them and hope they sell well. I plan on taking some to Calgary for my knitting friends there to look at in April.
White sweater is of my own design. I wanted something I could do fast in worsted weight for infants. I think this will work. I need to rework the buttonholes, but other than that it came out pretty good I think. I did it in about 5 - 6 hours which makes it very manageable. It is done pretty much in one piece and leaves me just undarm sleeves to do. Will try and get that done this week.
Joes socks are done except for grafting which I will do with my sock class this week. I am going to use those as my samples to show. It will go quick and can give them to little Joe's mom on Tuesday I hope.
Have cast on a pair of red cuffs for a pair of Santa's socks. pattern is a bernat free pattern. will see how they go. I am not happy with it right now. For some reason I have started laddering which is unusual for me. I know the ladders will work out in the wash, but still. I am thinking of these socks for my nice or daughter. Is an acrylic yarn, but not too bad. but here in the south neither likes much in line of wool. Just playing and if comes out well, I may rework pattern a second time in cotton blends. Will be more comfy that way and I think green and white or even school color stripes would be cool.
I have also knitted some parts for a doll repair. An older pair of dolls from a Jean Greenhowe patterns has worn out and customer wants them salvaged. I am almost done and Linda from LYS will be sewing the parts on.
My sock class on Saturday went real well. Timing works out good and part 2 is this week. I had 2 students and at least one of them is definitely hooked. Will see how they are coming this next week. We will finish their first sock and go on to 2nd and other options and questions as they have time.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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