Tuesday, September 20, 2005

8 Days Left

Jean leaves in 8 days. I am getting a little nervous myself. It is going to be a little lonely around here without her. I got her dr appt straightened out. She goes this week. They evidently had an emergency but all ok now.
The kids former pediatrician was killed in a hit and run car accident this morning. They caught the guy that hit him. I am glad. He is a well know pediatrician and it has really made the headlines already around here. He was out jogging and hit by car.
I have tons of stuff to do in next couple days getting Jean ready to go, so better get busy.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Good News

Not much going on. But I do have good news. The blind eye will heal on its own and I will recover my vision (already a remarkable improvement) and will be just fine. It was caused by overexertion and I wouldn't of even noticed it if the rupture hadn't have happened in the exact center of the retina. Fine with me as long as it heals.
In the meantime we have lots to do to get Jean ready for Japan. She has to go Monday to pick up her visa. Still has to have a medical check-up. Her dr has cancelled twice. plus tons of other stuff. We will get it done but sure wish life wasn't in such a hurry to go by.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Busy Week

What a busy week! Worked a double shift. Dealt with gas shortages and gas price increases, of course, who didn't. I guess, if that is all, I will just keep praying for victims of hurricane Katrina. This definitely looks like they got hit by the hurricane of the century.
Had to go to an emergency appt to my opthamologist. I suddenly had a blind spot in right eye. I have a small rupture in retina and am going this next week to see a retina specialist in Atlanta. My dr assures me this is very treatable and all will be well. I certainly hope so.
Jean turned in her final notices and both her jobs. This gives them both plenty of notice (4 weeks) and will keep her in good standing. She has already been asked to come back to Papa John's when she returns from Japan. She has been a good driver for them, accident and all.
Well, am off for a hot soak in the tub and bed.