Sunday, July 31, 2005

Knit-In at my House

Going to start a knit group at my home on Mondays. sort of wanted to for a while. Bill is gone on Mondays and I sit alone so is good time for me and I love the company and all. Anyway, with the yarn store "Cat's Meow" closing (Crying gigantic tears here, but here is hoping it is only temporarily), I have decided t open a group here from 5 to 8 on Mondays. so for those local and needing a map, I have this bookmarked at yahoo. Sure hope the link works. look in Athens Georgia phone book and call the William Ripley phone #. All us Ripley's are related so you can't get to far wrong. We live in Watkinsvill area off Union church Rd. I passed out maps at Knit group in so most of you should have it, this is just in case I missed someone.
Our current knit group isn't quitting. We are also planning on still meeting on Tuesday's still -- at Panera bread. 4 - 8. Seems nice and I think it will work out well. I have my afternoon apts at 3 so don't know if I will make them or not, we will see. I just have to take it as it comes.
Will try and take a pic or two of group and see how it goes.
Bill and Jean went to Rock Atlanta for some more rock climbing practice. I didn't go to take pics. Seems like if I get too close I make Jean nervous and my good cameras need repair so all I have is my one digital which isn't the greatest for some stuff.
Bill has to work this evening in Snellville too. If no one is comeing to dinner then it will just be me so I may just eat some fruit or grill cheese or something. Chris has to work and I haven't heard back from Billy yet so will see. Well, tons of work to do so have to get cracking.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Brian, Michelle and our newest Ripley nephew Posted by Picasa

Jean and Bill rock climbing Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Beginning Climbers Posted by Picasa

Jean at the top of a wall Posted by Picasa

Bill scaling up Posted by Picasa

Double Rainbow Posted by Picasa

Corner Artist Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

street corner jazz Posted by Picasa

turtle Posted by Picasa

Parrots Posted by Picasa

balcony Posted by Picasa

Kenny at Mineral Museum Posted by Picasa

Life is Busy

Life has been busy! Had my Niece Trina here for last several weeks. Yippee! Also Gary and Kenny each got to spend some time here. Really enjoyed my time with each of them. Stone mountain, mineral museum, knitting and everything else.
always something to do and new things going on. Never enough time to do it all. Jean and Trina really got on well together and are going to really miss each others company I think. Glad they did though.
I got results of MRI on back. herniated disks. yuck! but no surgery. so that is good. I think they are going to do another radio frequency soon though. will just see how it goes for a bit though. I am supposed to call back soon.
Will put up pics of trip to New Orleans and of kids too this evening if I can. Sarah is due in soon so will see what all gets done.