Monday, January 31, 2005

Ice Storm

Ice belongs in the freezer! Ice belongs in a a cold drink! Ice does not belong on the trees or powerlines. Ice storm started about 6 hours or so after we got home from the hospital. Not bad. We were fine for the most part then at 8:30 Saturday night a large limb came down off the big pine tree in front yard and brought the powerline down with it. So no power for about 36 hours and we had a 'live' powerline in the front yard. We just kept fireplace going first night but when dusk came next night Bill had had enough and we headed to his mom's. I think he was a wuss, but then right after surgery was probably a good thing. Everything is on again today so we came back home about lunchtime and are just hanging out. Not much else. Been getting some knitting done and I am looking forward to finishing up this poncho. Seems like I can get at least that much done but not sure about anything complicated. Will just take time and see how it goes. In meantime, Ice has melted and life goes back to some semblance of movement here in the south.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm Home!

It is so nice to be home in my own bed and environment. I came home yesterday and am very glad too. Last night we started with the freezing rain. All of Georgia is socked in. Last week I had dreamt I was discharged and couldn't get home due to be snowed in so I guess that wasn't too far fetched.
Not doing much, just watching movies and keeping quiet. I go in on Wednesday to get my staples out. Will be fine till then.
OTN --- blue poncho by commission. Will have it done soon and can work on my stuff.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Lost and Found in Cyberspace

Losing things in cyberspace has become a thing on occasion. It just happens. But when they even more rarely suddenly reappear it is just strange. Gone for several days and then there is one of my missing posts. Just appeared in my blog right where it should of been. Glad it did but still a bit funny.
Been knitting on Bills hat that he has been requesting/demanding for a while now. At 16 degrees last night (yes even here in the south it gets @#$#$ cold) he definitely needs it. I am hoping to have it done before surgery but we will see.
I go into hospital on Wednesday and back home Friday or Saturday. Looking forward to it being over with.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

another finished angel hat and started a hat for DH. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

going, going, gone

I should know when it disappears off the puter it is gone. My last two posts here on my wonderful blog have taken a qick trip to Neverland. Probably turned into pixie dust and helping some lost boy to fly around and enjoy himself. If that is the case at least it is providing joy and i won't have to worry. But ..... I have left all my readers, (yeah right -- thank-you whomever you might be) in the dark.
I have completed 2 more angel hats. Yippee. They are fun and addicting. I can't seem to want to quit doing the things. That and poncho deadline is looming. Also took hat to work and have orders for a couple. Since I am still on a roll shouldn't be any problem.
Been a very busy week this past week. Dr on Monday for annual GYN exam, not good. Results of CAt scan from Dec were in. Not good. Went to hospital on Tuesday for sonogram. Back to doctor on Thursday. Will be having surgery on Wednesday.
They removed my uterus 15 mths ago, left ovaries. Ovaries were fine at that time and they try to leave them whenever possible. I know this, but then hindsight is always better right. Needless to say I have ovarian cysts the size of mt Rushmore. Or at least that's my opinion. 5.5 cm on one side and 4.3 cm on other side. the one that is 4.3 cm is different and growing (was 1.8). It is draining fluid to inside and is what is causing so much pain. he gave me option of waiting a few weeks or doing it now. I chose now -- why? So I can be all healed before (and don't miss) my trip to Cananda. I am so looking forward to this. Besides once decided there is no reason to wait around forever is there. Like I said going, going, gone!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Extra knitting time

I took the angel hat to work and it went over well. I am still hooked on them and have been asked to make a couple for a set of twins. Will be cute, one blue and one pink.
Been a long week. Regular GYN exam on Monday, hospital for tests on Tuesday, Dr again on Thursday and pronouncement is surgery on Wednesday of this upcoming week.
Yes it is fast. Yes it is necessary. And wish they had removed ovaries when they took out uterus 15 mths ago. Oh well, hindsight always is perfect vision.
But I will get plenty of me knitting time. Yeah, I am glad for that. I can always use me time and knitting time. I still don't know how it will work out with my sock knitting class. Will go this Saturday or get back and see. Am a little concerned but should go just fine. Will just figure out what to do with 2nd class for student.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Properly sized newborn hat. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Knitting at Auntie's

I've been to my Aunt's in NC this weekend. Had a wonderful time. I spent all day Saturday knitting and got a good bit done. I worked on the child's.toddler socks till one was at heel turning and one at toe. This is so I could have them available for my sock class next Saturday. I don't have to stop and get them to a certain point for teaching with can just do what I need to do.
Next I worked on Poncho --- blue one this time. I promised myself I could do something for me if i got through three pattern repeats and so I did. On to a proper size baby hat. All but the bottom ribbing completed. Really good knitting day.
Today woke up and had one of my very bad dizzy spells. I took the nem medicine (Imitrex) from he(( that the doctor gave me. It was awful. I ended up being laid out flat all day. Even with just spells alone i am usually just laid out for and hour or so although am tired all day. With this I couldn't even move. I won't be taking that again. Shame too as it was $20 a pill and I hate that I filled the entire prescription. All that money would of bought some nice yarn.

child socks Posted by Hello

blue poncho Posted by Hello

baby hat  Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Angel Hat

How do you like the Angel Hat. I'm playing with this pattern. It is wrotten for a preemie and I am trying to adjust for a newborn size. I went too big but will fit one of my nieces so will at least get used. I am wanting to do these for a couple of ladies at knit in that are expecting. Blue for the boys and pink for the girls. I think they will be cute.
My DH has to go to Oklahoma again. Sure hope it does turn out to be only for a few days like it is supposed to be. Last time it was all week for 3 weeks just home on weekends a bit.
Am looking forward to spending next weekend with my aunt. Bill has class in Winston so we are going there for weekend. Am going to go shopping for her a bd present if I can find one. Hard finding just what I think she will like.

Angel Hat Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Just a quick note.

As you can see, all my kids were home for Christmas. First time in 4 years. I really did enjoy having them all here. Especially as Jean may be gone next year.
I have been knitting and finishing up projects. not lots but a little. Time to start socks and af ew other things. Pictures to follow. As I said just a quick note, will catch you later.

Devon's Mittens. Mr Bear really thinks they are warm. Posted by Hello

Finished Lacee's poncho repair. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jean in her kimono Posted by Hello

Jean and her Patches Posted by Hello

Chris made it. Posted by Hello

Billy 4 is home to stay Posted by Hello