Saturday, January 22, 2005

going, going, gone

I should know when it disappears off the puter it is gone. My last two posts here on my wonderful blog have taken a qick trip to Neverland. Probably turned into pixie dust and helping some lost boy to fly around and enjoy himself. If that is the case at least it is providing joy and i won't have to worry. But ..... I have left all my readers, (yeah right -- thank-you whomever you might be) in the dark.
I have completed 2 more angel hats. Yippee. They are fun and addicting. I can't seem to want to quit doing the things. That and poncho deadline is looming. Also took hat to work and have orders for a couple. Since I am still on a roll shouldn't be any problem.
Been a very busy week this past week. Dr on Monday for annual GYN exam, not good. Results of CAt scan from Dec were in. Not good. Went to hospital on Tuesday for sonogram. Back to doctor on Thursday. Will be having surgery on Wednesday.
They removed my uterus 15 mths ago, left ovaries. Ovaries were fine at that time and they try to leave them whenever possible. I know this, but then hindsight is always better right. Needless to say I have ovarian cysts the size of mt Rushmore. Or at least that's my opinion. 5.5 cm on one side and 4.3 cm on other side. the one that is 4.3 cm is different and growing (was 1.8). It is draining fluid to inside and is what is causing so much pain. he gave me option of waiting a few weeks or doing it now. I chose now -- why? So I can be all healed before (and don't miss) my trip to Cananda. I am so looking forward to this. Besides once decided there is no reason to wait around forever is there. Like I said going, going, gone!


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