Sunday, January 16, 2005

Knitting at Auntie's

I've been to my Aunt's in NC this weekend. Had a wonderful time. I spent all day Saturday knitting and got a good bit done. I worked on the child's.toddler socks till one was at heel turning and one at toe. This is so I could have them available for my sock class next Saturday. I don't have to stop and get them to a certain point for teaching with can just do what I need to do.
Next I worked on Poncho --- blue one this time. I promised myself I could do something for me if i got through three pattern repeats and so I did. On to a proper size baby hat. All but the bottom ribbing completed. Really good knitting day.
Today woke up and had one of my very bad dizzy spells. I took the nem medicine (Imitrex) from he(( that the doctor gave me. It was awful. I ended up being laid out flat all day. Even with just spells alone i am usually just laid out for and hour or so although am tired all day. With this I couldn't even move. I won't be taking that again. Shame too as it was $20 a pill and I hate that I filled the entire prescription. All that money would of bought some nice yarn.


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