Sunday, January 09, 2005

Angel Hat

How do you like the Angel Hat. I'm playing with this pattern. It is wrotten for a preemie and I am trying to adjust for a newborn size. I went too big but will fit one of my nieces so will at least get used. I am wanting to do these for a couple of ladies at knit in that are expecting. Blue for the boys and pink for the girls. I think they will be cute.
My DH has to go to Oklahoma again. Sure hope it does turn out to be only for a few days like it is supposed to be. Last time it was all week for 3 weeks just home on weekends a bit.
Am looking forward to spending next weekend with my aunt. Bill has class in Winston so we are going there for weekend. Am going to go shopping for her a bd present if I can find one. Hard finding just what I think she will like.


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