Friday, January 21, 2005

Extra knitting time

I took the angel hat to work and it went over well. I am still hooked on them and have been asked to make a couple for a set of twins. Will be cute, one blue and one pink.
Been a long week. Regular GYN exam on Monday, hospital for tests on Tuesday, Dr again on Thursday and pronouncement is surgery on Wednesday of this upcoming week.
Yes it is fast. Yes it is necessary. And wish they had removed ovaries when they took out uterus 15 mths ago. Oh well, hindsight always is perfect vision.
But I will get plenty of me knitting time. Yeah, I am glad for that. I can always use me time and knitting time. I still don't know how it will work out with my sock knitting class. Will go this Saturday or get back and see. Am a little concerned but should go just fine. Will just figure out what to do with 2nd class for student.


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