Monday, January 31, 2005

Ice Storm

Ice belongs in the freezer! Ice belongs in a a cold drink! Ice does not belong on the trees or powerlines. Ice storm started about 6 hours or so after we got home from the hospital. Not bad. We were fine for the most part then at 8:30 Saturday night a large limb came down off the big pine tree in front yard and brought the powerline down with it. So no power for about 36 hours and we had a 'live' powerline in the front yard. We just kept fireplace going first night but when dusk came next night Bill had had enough and we headed to his mom's. I think he was a wuss, but then right after surgery was probably a good thing. Everything is on again today so we came back home about lunchtime and are just hanging out. Not much else. Been getting some knitting done and I am looking forward to finishing up this poncho. Seems like I can get at least that much done but not sure about anything complicated. Will just take time and see how it goes. In meantime, Ice has melted and life goes back to some semblance of movement here in the south.


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