Monday, February 19, 2007

Did I forget Valentines Day

I never did mention Valentines Day. It was a wonderful day here. In the past we have let it go by with hardly a look. This year was wonderful. I decided to cook an extra nice meal. Did Shrimp and Scallop Scampi, baked potatoes and Asparagus. Came out very nice. Bill brought me home 2 Dozen Pink Roses and the most delicious desserts from Starbucks. We had a wonderful evening. The Roses are beautiful and the whole house smells of roses. I'm sure enjoying them.
On a knitting note. I finished a hat last week. My oldest came by yesterday for dinner and he ended up with it. Am already working on another one. Seems like I am really on a hat kick. Doing another green one.
Went to Michael's today with 50% off coupon and got Adorable Knits for Tots and also Weekend Knitting. I think I will enjoy both.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Been too Long ....

Lots of things a going on. Life is busy and no time to waste. Lets see if I can catch myself up. I have applied at Athens Tech. I took my entrance exams. I aced said exams. I ordered my transcripts -- which took forever to locate. (From a school that no longer exists in a town that no longer exists.) Still waiting on transcripts to arrive, but everything else is all set for me to start spring quarter. I enroll in my actual classes on March 22. Classes start in April.
Our anniversary was on the 7th. We had Outback takeout here and then spent a long weekend in Boston. Boston was cold. We had a wonderful time though. Aquarium is really nice, definitely would like to do that again. We went to Fenuil Hall, Quincy Market, and Paul Revere's house on Friday. On Saturday we went to Museum of Natural History and walked all over Harvard and Cambridge, then did some shopping. We ate at a bunch of different places, including Cheers. On Sunday we visited Bill's brother John and Lyla before heading back to airport and home.
Took lots of pictures. Will post one or two later. Going to go eat.