Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jean is leaving

On a jet plane. Or should I say she has. she had that song going around here for a couple weeks before she left. Now she has left and is in the Ukraine for the next 2 years. WOW! Ain't kids wonderful. They sure can do some fantastic things.
We have been real busy helping get things finished up for her. Plus wanting to spend some time together before she left. Buying the things she had to have, also selling the last of her belongings that she didn't want to keep. We still have the car to sell, but that will take a little more time. We won't be able to send her any pkgs for 3 mths so will miss her birthday, so we hope to get her one there before Christmas.
My oldest child has his birthday tomorrow so we are cooking today. Will be eating porkchops and having cheesecake for dessert.
Oh and to keep my schedule busy, school started last week. Killer schedule. Classes 4 days a week. that, work full-time, PT, and homework, I am going to have fun keeping up.