Sunday, March 13, 2005

Friends and Family

My friend Marilyn is visiting this weekend. Knitting and relaxing and just chatting and enjoying each others company. She arrived Thursaday and we spent half the night chatting and knitting. Friday we went to the yarn stores and played around here with our knitting. Yesterday we went through some patterns and to a knitting guild meeting. Also learned and played with some drop spindle. I tried to share a little bit of my basics and let her have fun. I think it will work for her just have to practice like any new craft or technique. Today we are making beading knitted stuff and some knitting and stuff too. Mostly just realaxing and enjoying the day.
See the picture of my DD with her new knitted bag. She really likes it and is using it lots. She has loaned the purse to her best friend Gabby. She definitely has tons of compliments and it is really lovely. I would like to do more. Will have to see how much time I have, seems like no end to uses and all for them.
The Sunday dinners we have started are turning out really nice. Everyone seems to like them. Turns out Bill was thinking of doing the same thing when I started them. Glad I did. I really enjoyed them and seeing my kids as they come. They have been pretty much coming every week. Guess a free meal is definitely appealing.


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