Sunday, February 20, 2005

projects getting out of hand

I have way to much to finish in short amount of time. Poncho -- by tomorrow. Jean's bag --- ASAP or last week as she says, although she is trying to be patient. And on Tuesday evening we are having a combined baby shower for 4 ladies in my knit group. I am beyound getting things done in a hurry. I will be going sleepless in order to get it all done. May have to resort to who knows what. Well, off to pay the piper. At least knitting in car is option for today.
DH and I are going into the mountains. There is both a literary festival and and craft festival we wish to attend. Will be fun and I have recently discovered that car knitting does not make me ill like reading. It does have to be a simple project. Poncho should qualify and I only have about 10 more rows and am done. After that I am hoping I can follow directions and do one of the 5 hr baby sweaters. I will be pushing it, but have 2 angel hats held in reserve and will see what gives for rest. I am really hoping this will work. Would be nice to get 4 done but .........


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