Monday, February 14, 2005

Fun crafty day

I sure had a very good day yesterday. (DH would of preferred I helped withih cleaning up yard of pine cones from tree removal). Spent the day making beaded stitch markers. Really had a good time and got to playing a bit. I actually have an order for 20 pairs for LYS. she sells them for $4 pair. Nice and fun.

Also, I got to teach a newbie how to knit. She knows how to crochet and has been wanting to learn so off we went. Pulled a skein of LB Microspun from stash and went at it. Knit stitch only so far and she has done about three rows, but we are off and running.

Right after that, my DS's GF wanted some help with her crochet. She knows how to do sc and dc but not how to follow a pattern and doesn't understand the concept of putting them together to make patterns so we started a scarf with pattern combinations (about 6) so she could play a bit. I also got out a basic stitch and beginner book for her to look at. She will be back later this week and wants to start a simple basic baby something that she can gift for her brothers upcoming baby. I think a simple hat and then booties and sweater. By then she should have enough pattern confidence to do a few things and not be scared. I know what it is like when one gets confused over their patterns and such.

Then DD came by and admired the new felted tote I am working on. She really likes colors and pattern, etc. I took her about 2 hours before she realized that I when I felted it, meant it would come out like the other bag she took. Then another hour before she realized it was same colors and style as the bag also. I really think she could not get the concept between the knitting stitches and mass of felted furry bliss. She really likes the felted look and saysx she has been stopped constantly over her other tote. Everyone seems to really love it. I think she secretly likes being in that circle of attention no matter how much she protests.


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