Friday, February 04, 2005

Felted Bag

On the knitting front, I have been working on my felted bag. Started out as a slightly larger 'booga bag' and now you could not see any difference. The only thing similiar now is I started with a rectangular bottom (albeit a different size) and it will end up felted. I made it much bigger. Also the handle has been modified to match the shaping on a bag I have here at the house that I like. It has a single shoulder handle that is real nice. If it works like I hope, I will line bag, although I may give DD option as she has already claimed to want it. I was just making it as an 'in between' easy project to get my mind off ponchos. Will post a pic later today. Hopefully a before and after felting pic.
On the other side, my staples are out, I am allowed to drive and test results say tumor,, but benign. Was attached to everything, but looks like they got it all. I figure, if they got it all and it was benign then I don't have anything to worry about, just heal and keep on knitting.
DH brought me new luggage for my anniversary gift. I am real happy with it. He apologizes for such and impractical gift but figured I could use it for going to Canada. Glad I am not canceling the trip. Really looking forward to being with my knitting buddies.


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