Saturday, April 29, 2006

Knitting socks

Have cast on and started a new pair of socks. Wildfoot colorway SY-200 Rhapsody -- Wonderful shades of Purple, magenta, green and blue. Using the pattern My Petticoat socks. I am thinkin gof these for my DD, but she doesn't like wool (she has the same overly hot feet my sons have, so I may get to keep them) I bought a similiar colorway in acrylic/cotton blend to use for her so if she likes may make them for her. Will take a picture as soon as I get just a little bit further along than the top edge. I had to frog twice as I kept getting count messed up. let it be know, I can't text message and count at same time.
I also joined the SIX SOX KAL group at yahoo. I am looking forward to this and think I migh tuse the cotton blend for the current pattern for hers. They should work up quick and be a nice pressie for when she comes home in August (Sure wish it was sooner).
Also bought some Lorna's Laces a few weeks back for me as a special treat. Is a very nice yarn and I have really wanted to try it. Got a rather muted brown tones colorway called Jungle, but works. Will see what pattern they want to be.
We are tearing out walls and redoing her room. Bill, Billy, and and BIL tore out everything that had to come out last night. We have new sheetrock to go up and then will get some one to do the finishing work and paint. It will be nice to have it finished and I will be able to get her all situated before she comes home. I want to put new furniture in there and will put the old in other room off garage. Not great beds, but extra for when we need them.
They did more surgery on foot, so am still wearing surgical boot --- for probably next month anyway. Will see how that goes.


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