Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Family coming -- Knit Ready!

My family arrives today. Bill is home. I am off work. I get to bake and knit (and blog here of course) all day. Is there a concept here? Of course there is. A day for me, doing what I love and sharing it with those I love. What could be better. Well, 3 more pair of mittens finished would be nice.
Seriously though. I did complete all four hats and am on 2nd pair of mittens. This pair is going slower, but will get done this weekend somehow. Rest will just happen or not.
I am so happy my family is coming that I don't know what to do first. Oh yeah, rescue my car! I went to knit-in Thursday evening and lost my keys in yarn store. Owner went home and won't be back till Friday. Meanwhile my Dear Marine (no longer) son still has my other set of keys on other side of country. So, there the car sits. Most of it can be worked out, but I hate to have to get someone to take me to work at 4:30 am on Friday. Oh well. Life happens and we must continue on. Well, off to get to my baking. Cookies, pies, cornbread stuffing and whatever else I can get into.


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