Sunday, November 28, 2004

Family Gone

Well, my family had to go home. I am glad they came. It is fun for me to have them come. Hope they can come again sometime.
As you can see from the pics the hats fit. Gary through twirling it had pulled my end out at top, so had to do a fix and he is back and running with warning about tearing it up. Kenny and Gary like to wear their hats with brim flipped up. I made them plenty big enough towear that way or as a stocking cap, plus room for growing. I don't expect they will wear them out soon, especially in Florida, but promised new, when they outgrow them. Lacee and Devon like theirs. His will fit a good while, but she may need a new one next year for sure. Her mittens were way to big, but she loved them anyway.
Well, off to clean and do laundry. Bill and I are going to rent a movie and have some quiet time for us. He has to go out of town again tomorrow, so we wanted to spend some time together. The original thought was to go to mountains today or something, but this way we can still get laundry and other stuff done. Besides, apple pie for breakfast? Sounds good to me.


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