Sunday, May 07, 2006


One thing or another! Always Something! I have to wear this surgical boot on foot another two weeks minimum, probably a month.
Big mess with bank as they decided to switch over all their debit card system, only they didn't let any one know in advance. Our daughter is living overseas as an exchange student and this is how we provide her living expenses. New cards arrived 5 days prior to all old cards being completely shutdown. In addition, they have to be activated here, and old cards will no longer work as of Monday and new pin #'s still haven't arrived, so our daughter is going to be really stuck. We are furious. When new cards arrived, we didn't think too much about it, but we called back after seing one for daughter to ask and is how we found out about all cards being no longer valid after Monday. When we called all our relatives who also bank their -- both personal banking and business, they had also recieved stuff but did not get any info so were shocked to find out also. All told there is about 30 accounts with quite a bit of money from our family alone that we are now very angry about. Our pin #'s haven't arrived yet and we still don't know what to do about daughter. They are having a holiday there so she can't put money into her account now. If we had known in advance we could of been prepared for this and had her taken care of for the delay in getting her new card too her. Now at extra cost we are having to fed-ex her card to her and she is unable to pay her bills till it gets there, we still don't have her pin # and are trying to get the bank to activate it manually. Big mess!
Then, just for a little extra this weekend, I decided to trip and I sprained my wrist. Not real bad, but, not going to be doing much extra in the spinning or knitting department I guess for a bit.
I am half afraid they are going to send me home from work tomorrow. First I started wearing a back brace that I have to wear all the time. Now my foot is in a surgical shoe indefinitely. Tomorrow I get to go in with a wrist brace. I either need to laugh or cry. But look, I can still go in and I can still do my job so they should let me. Besides, it isn't like they give you sick time. Even management doesn't get sick time. Kind of awful really for a big company like that to not allow sick time. Not even allowed when I had scarlet fever or nervous breakdown. I can be off but it counts against me and I don't get paid at all unless I have vacation time I can use. Really is a bad way to treat employees.


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