Thursday, May 25, 2006

Strawberry Fields and Kayaking

Over last couple weeks things have been busy. Went picking strawberries with Grandma M and J and made preserves all day --- YUM YUM!!!. we had a good time. Only got one picture of grandma sitting with all the berries but we were a busy picking and it is hard for her to bend over in the field so she was master strawberry watcher. We had a really good day. This was two weeks ago and I am really slow about writing and catching up in here. Things just keeping me busy.
Looks like we have pretty much got DD's bank card mess straightened out. Hope so anyway. Am glad she is taken care of. Don't want her stuff so far away. She says she also got my package of books and is real happy with them.
Bill and I are going on a 3-day kayaking weekend this weekend in Charleston. Am really looking forward to it. YIPPEE!!!! Only worry is weather -- isolated thunderstorms... they wouldn't dare. and blisters. I will persevere and I will be fine. I am going to have a blast I am sure. I am so looking forward to this. I have bought clothes and hat and all kinds of things to be prepared. plenty of sunscreen and I shall be ready. Will be sore from all the paddling when we come back but I am sure it will be great and I think it will be wonderful. Going to get a water camera so I can try and get some pictures. Would be a shame to come back with none. Will see what I get.


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