Saturday, December 18, 2004

Happy Birthday

Well, it was a happy day. I really enjoyed it. At least the parts where I didn't have to visit the dr. I do hate that. Dinner at Red Lobster and I get spinning classes for my birthday. I get to pick date and time I want to take so that is good. I am taking both a hand spinning class and a wheel class. They will provide a wheel for use so you can decide if you really want to invest in one. I am already positive I will love it but do I need another craft. Of course I do, what is one more large pile of stash around here. I may have to buy a warehouse just for storage soon.
I also recieved from my DD a set of round weaving looms. Awesome. I am really going to enjoy these and will be nice with my 5 yr old niece. She will have great success with being able to make hats and stuff with me when she visits.
Now my sewing machine is on way to repair shop. No fun and I really need it. I have bindings on 4 blankets to finish before Christmas. Knitting and sewing, I'm really pushing a deadline envelope this year for the holidays. At least I am oput of hospital now and can work on things, that really slowed me down.


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