Sunday, December 12, 2004

Too cold for Lemonade.

When life gives you lemons ..... yada, yada, yada .... It is too cold and I am too tired for lemonade.
I hate that I haven't been in here for a couple days. Our dsl line and phone line went out this past week and couldn't use for few days. GRRRRRRRRR!
Now a night in ER. Double yuck! but it is not my appendix so that is good. It is my ovaries and that is not. I wish they had taken them out when they did my hysterectomy last year. The pain is awful. Demorol and fennigan (SP) eased a bit, then half hour later Dilaudid, even that didn't get rid of pain. I was surprised to find that ovarian cysts can be that painful. Anyway. I will be out of work tomorrow and call in to my GYN and see what we can do. Oh and I developed an allergic reaction to the Fennigan and the Dilaudid. Life wasn't boring. But they are running out of stuff to be able to use on me.
Oh well, back to bed. Maybe I can knit some.


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