Sunday, December 05, 2004

100 things ...

Not too much knitting today. Just working on poncho, although hubs has asked for a hat. We went Christmas shopping and got a bit of things done but not too much. Bought tree too. It is up and tomorrow we will put lights and such on it. Now just cause I read everyone else and I began to wonder if there were that many things about me...

100 things about me. Are you sure there are that many

  1. I was Born in Toledo, Ohio
  2. My parents split up before I was born.
  3. My mother remarried 3 more times.
  4. She divorced 4 times also.
  5. Her 3rd husband adopted me when I was 4.
  6. He kicked us out and ignored me forever after I turned 7.
  7. I still sent him father’s day cards till I was 28. (I was a slow learner)
  8. I refused to tell him about his granddaughter cause he called my aunt (on my mom’s side) and cussed her out cause he didn’t find out about my 2nd son till he got announcement in mail. He never even sent a card for any of my kids.
  9. I don’t know how many brothers and sisters I have. My legal father remarried and had several more kids. I don’t even know their names. My biological father remarried and had 3 kids – Dorothy, Kevin and Agnes. I sure wish I could get in touch with them and knew how they were doing.
  10. I met my biological father when I was 18.
  11. I met him right after my mom died she wouldn’t allow it before.
  12. He committed suicide when I was 24.
  13. My mother was in and out of mental institution since I was 12.
  14. This left me to care for my 2 younger sisters and brother.
  15. My mother died in a car accident when I was 18.
  16. My grandmother was my best friend when I was young.
  17. My mother was jealous of our relationship and was why she made us move across country when I was 10.
  18. I only saw my grandmother again twice till after my mother died.
  19. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8.
  20. She did so in self-defense so she would be able to knit with out me in her chair trying to hold her needles and learn. She insisted I was too young to knit.
  21. I taught myself to knit when 39 from a book and have never looked back.
  22. My birthday is 8 days before Christmas.
  23. I hate that my birthday is so close to Christmas.
  24. I love that my birthday is when all the stores are full of great things to get. (Does that make me greedy?)
  25. My mom refused to put up any Christmas decorations before my birthday.
  26. I had an older brother who was buried 1 yr the day I was born.
  27. I got to be on tv for my first Christmas. In nursery at hospital inside a big Christmas stocking.
  28. I am not a big sweets eater.
  29. I prefer cherry peel n eat Twizzlers to chocolate.
  30. I married my husband 10 weeks and 1 day after our first date.
  31. We have been married 23+ yrs.
  32. I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.
  33. I had them before I was 24.
  34. I sometimes say I have 6 because of having the care of my sisters and brother for so long.
  35. I went to school to become a photographer.
  36. I quit when I got married just short of graduating.
  37. I was 19 when I got married.
  38. I never owned new clothes (that I can remember) until after my mom died.
  39. I will spend $200 on yarn or more for a project for someone else, but not $40 on pair of shoes for me.
  40. I have never met a craft I didn’t like and only know of very few I haven’t tried: spinning my own yarn, tatting, bobbin lace making.
  41. I am a packrat.
  42. I lose things easily because of this.
  43. If you need something, then give me time, I can find it here somewhere.
  44. I tend to bite off more than I can chew as far as crafting deadlines go.
  45. I always manage to pull it through and finish everything.
  46. I love teaching others any craft I already know how to do.
  47. I love old movies. I mean really old, silent even. Or the ones that came out right after they had ‘talkies’.
  48. Sean Connery will always be the sexiest man alive, besides my husband that is.
  49. Followed closely by Christopher Lambert.
  50. I love jigsaw puzzles.
  51. I collect postcards, snowglobes, and elephants with their trunk up.
  52. I think I was born in wrong era. I would like to have been a pioneer, but do I have to be on opposite sides of Indians, maybe I should have been an Indian.
  53. I hate tv.
  54. I watch it way too much.
  55. I have 2 cats at home now.
  56. They are supposed to be my daughters, but she is now at college and that leaves them with me.
  57. I would rather have a dog.
  58. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl.
  59. I love living in the country.
  60. I love playing board games.
  61. My husband is hot. 6’4” and still weighs what he did at 19, which is 220 lb. Not fair at all.
  62. I am allergic to most all soaps and have a terrible time buying anything I can use for bath soap, shampoo, or laundry detergent.
  63. I am not allergic to poison ivy.
  64. I used to oil paint.
  65. I have sold every painting I ever did but one, that one I refused to.
  66. I don’t drink coffee except on a very rare occasion.
  67. I love kids movies.
  68. I love family movies.
  69. I hate horror and gory movies.
  70. I still get nightmares.
  71. I used to walk in my sleep.
  72. I love video games, but only the old ones. Pacman and frogger are two of my favorites.
  73. I love to go swimming in a pool. Not easy to swim in ocean and I like to really swim.
  74. I love to go hunting.
  75. I don’t anymore, cause my DH thinks it is dumb and I feel stupid going if he doesn’t.
  76. I love to cook.
  77. I am not a great cook. An ok cook, but not a great cook.
  78. I love trying new recipes.
  79. My ultimate dream is to own about 500 acres and let all my family (and my husbands’) have their own house on it. We could be a community and be there for each other and all the kids would grow up together.
  80. I want to someday be buried on my own property.
  81. I’d also like to pay no taxes, but then I wake up every morning in a real world.
  82. I have never smoked, not even 1 puff off of one cigarette. Just never wanted to.
  83. I am not a very good organizer.
  84. I love to play around studying genealogy.
  85. I am afraid of heights.
  86. I secretly want to skydive, just once.
  87. I am TERRIFIED of snakes. So much so that even a worm makes me go the other direction.
  88. I am afraid of heights. I once made my husband furious because I wouldn’t walk across a bridge in Boston. The kind that rise up to let ships through. I was ok, till I had to walk on metal grid I could see through. We were sightseeing at the time and ended up not seeing pretty much anything in Boston after the USS Constitution.
  89. I have lived in 7 states, Ohio, Georgia, Washington, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan.
  90. Colorado was my favorite state to have been in.
  91. I have already decided that I will live to be at least 96 years old.
  92. I love talking and playing with kids. They don’t hold back and they are more honest than life.
  93. I believe life is fair and someday my turn will come.
  94. My favorite color is probably green, a nice clear bright green. But then there is blue and red and so many other wonderful things out there.
  95. I never had a favorite actor or music group. I preferred enjoying individual songs and movies for their own sake.
  96. I do prefer country music.
  97. I am short and even though my husband is tall I refuse to wear heels.
  98. I have no sense of smell or at least very minimal due to a medical procedure done when I was a teen. I can only smell certain scents when they are very strong and right in front of me.
  99. I don’t own a cd player.

100.Why did I do this?


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