Thursday, May 19, 2005

Busy Life.

Busy weekend keeps happening. I plan on going through fabric fabric tomorrow and have someone coming on Sunday and picking up some of the excess. Aso am going to cut out some of sundress patterns for Lacee and she is going to sew them up. Saturday Jeannie and I are going to pick Strawberries (YUM) and make jam. Sunday work in the craft rooms and then Sunday dinner.
Has been busy here at house also. I have knit another 4 baby hats. I have this pattern memorized. I should by now. Also been doing some spinning. I ought to get my DD to take a pick of me doing some spinning. Currently working on a merino/Tussah blend in silver/black/reds. Looks like it would be very light colored when looking at the roving but looks can be decieving and like dyes and mixing paints little bits of dark goes further and is much darker than I expected. I still like it though and really like the shine this has too. I am getting a really fine spin too it.
I navajo plied the merino ( I may have said in a previous post) and am thinking I may do a baby hat. I am really wanting to just knit it up badly. I haven't knit any of my own handspun yet and that is as good a reason as any. I can knit it up and I want to save my first handspun for my first grandbaby. Seems appropiate to me anyway. I will get one sometime.
I wonder if my kiddos read this. If so --- DO NOT HURRY WITH GRANDBABIES! I am in no rush and all things will come in time. Life happens. I just look forward to the future and enjoying it.
A friend of ours and especially a couple of my kids died this past weekend. Miss Emma --- an older lady had a heart attack Sunday morning. Her funeral was Tuesday in Decatur. She also was a co-worker of jean's so Jean worked while others went. Jean was definitely upset she couldn't go. I am not sure if Chris went or not. I don't know if he was able to get off work. I wanted to but I couldn't get off work either.


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