Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Calgary GTG

What a wonderful time. I sure did have a great time on my trip to Calgary, BC, Canada. Met up with some great friends and enjoyed their 'fiber antics'. We met on 31st and left for home on 3rd. Don't know where to start. Met a great group of friends, --- Lynne, Loralee, Susanne, Sharon, Sandra, Pat, Di, Nancie, Barb, and my Aunt Nancy was also there. I accidently left Geri's phone # at home so never did get to meet up with her. Hope I haven't made her mad.
Day 1 -- time to go and guess who is still abed, DH and his snores. For some reason he didn't want to get up and so I missed my plane in Atlanta. Finally got to Calgary though although about 3 hours late. Off for a quick yarn store fix and dinner. I don't think any of us stayed up late we were all tired from travel so off to bed.
Day 2 - Up and off for breakfast. Next a few yarn stores and back to hotel. Our group stopped at Safeway and got a few things and ate lunch in our room. Then down to sitting area where we knit and spun and visited. In the evening we had gtg at Di's where we knit, ate, and did our little gift exchange.
Day 3 - Breakfast in hotel and then us 'Americans' went to pick up a few little souvenier's for the home folks. Then back to hotel for some nibbles and knitting. I went and took a nap in afternoon and boy did I snooze afternoon away. Later we went out to dinner at the keg. Wonderful place. Really great food and boy did I have an appetite. After we went back to hotel and tucked everyone in (see Auntie -- I don't tell everything) I headed up for some sleep also.
Day 4 - Time to go home. No fun. Had a wonderful visit with Sandra and we left together for airport. I really enjoyed some time visiting with her.


Blogger sandra said...

Sure enjoyed meeting you Patti ...love your accent. The time went waaay too quickly!!!

11:17 PM  

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